Welcome to Eye of the Child and Gateway of Hope Safe Homes

Welcome to Eye of the Child and Gateway of Hope Safe Homes

The Eye of the Child operates in a Country where a large number of children are subject to sexual exploitation, trafficking, abuse, hunger, malnutrition, harmful cultural practices. A country faced with a number of calamities among them included; the floods that almost displaced thousands of families across the nation, shortage of rainfall that led to many families not to harvest enough and the economic downturn. 

However despite the many challenges, we commend government for among other programmes initiating reforms in the public sector. This is a positive step and should never be in any way discouraged of dropped down on the way. For sanity and progressive performance we really need reforms. 

We are also pleased with government enactment of the 1) Child Care, Protection and Justice Act, 2) Trafficking in Person Act, 4) Amendment of age of the Child in the Constitution and Penal Code and 4) Marriage, family relation and divorce Act which in our view offers fresh air and relief to children who have always been victims of child marriages and human trafficking. The coming into force of this legislation will protect children and prevent the incidences of trafficking that kept on increasing every year. 

The Eye of the Child is however saddened with rampant attacks of albinos and the increasing numbers of child defilement cases year in and year out. Almost each and every week one or two children defiled. 

We therefore welcome all our visitors to join our work aimed at protecting children at risk and rehabilitation of those subjected to abuse, violence and exploitation. The responsibility of building a good future for children and that of Malawi is in all of us. 

Whoopy Jede 
National Coordinator