We name our safe home, Gateway of Hope. It is a registered Safe House in Lilongwe used by Women and Children who victims of Gender Based Violence and Trafficking in Persons. Most of victims at Gateway of Hope suffered sexual assault by forced men in a brothel and families. Some victim come to the Safe House under extreme stress reactions, trauma, depression, and multiple medical problems including Anxiety, Chronic pain, or sometimes complications from unsafe abortion, Contusions, Depression, Fractures, Gastrointestinal problems, Oral health problems, Pelvic pain, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Sexually transmitted infections, Suicidal ideation, Unhealthy weight loss, Unwanted pregnancy, and Vaginal pain just to mention a few problems.

Since its establishment in June 2020 the Safe Home has provided protection, care, accommodation and rehabilitate 369 victims who are citizens of Malawi, Uganda, Pakistan, Thailand, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe trafficked into Malawi for commercial sexual exploitation, forced labour, organ removal and some as carries of illicit drugs and victims of gender based violence.

The Safe Home was established as a direct response to the request made by the Ministry of Homeland Security and stakeholders in Malawi for urgent need and assistance towards care and safe accommodation for victims of human trafficking especially women and children and reports by the United States of America, Department of States on trafficking in Persons that express concern over the conduct of law enforcement agencies in Malawi who mix victims of human trafficking with offenders and convicts due to shortage of Safe Homes.

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